Currency  (US Dollars)  

Fees are based on the estimated number of hours to complete
the curriculum development, international programs, academic
research or proofreading project.  An independent contractor
agreement is implemented upon your approval of the estimate.  
Other currencies are accepted, based on the latest foreign
exchange rate.

Payment Options

Pre-Pay  or  Deposit + Billing  (30  days)

Payment  Methods

Check/Money Order via post or Credit/Debit via PayPal

Special Discounts

With valid identification, Academic Research and Proofreading
clients receive discounted pricing for senior citizens, educators,
students, disabled, active duty military, veterans, and first
responders (e.g., emergency medical service providers).


Special Interests

Sacred Music by the late mezzo soprano soloist and certified
music educator, Belinda S. Womack.  Proceeds fund a music
education scholarship through the WSSU Foundation.

E-Wellness Booklet  in support of TNT International Racing  
Club, one of the nation's top three outdoors and indoors
Masters Track & Field teams.