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Dr. DaBeth Manns has provided education services over the past
decade to people and organizations (including government and
clergy).  She earned a doctorate from the Department of
Curriculum and Instruction at Purdue University in 2003, where
she taught a section of the Multiculturalism in Education course to
pre-service teachers.  She also presented and published scholarly
work in international extension education. Prior to that, she taught
at a proprietary business school after earning a masters degree
from the Department of Human Development and Services at
North Carolina A&T State University in 2000 and a bachelors
degree from the Department of Political Science at Wake Forest
University in 1997, where she attended on a Dr. Joseph G.
Gordon scholarship.  

Professional and scholastic travels have carried her throughout
North and South America and West Africa.  Along with consultant
work, Dr. Manns has served as a Community Advisory Board
member as well as a volunteer mentor and tutor for non-profit
organizations in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.
Affiliations have included the following:
College Bound, Inc., TAPP,
Maya Angelou Public Charter School, and the Bethune-DuBois
TL Consulting,